Contactless Payments

Sell products, collect money, receive donations or create invoices all driven by dynamic QR Codes

No credit card required
Simple to Use

It's as simple as entering a few details, setting your payment amount, and clicking publish.

Be up in running in minutes
Design for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
No Code Platform

Use our no code app to create custom product pages, invoices, and donation pages with unique QR Codes.

No developers needed
We handle the servers, hosting, & security
Payment Dashboard

Track all your payments, get analytics on QR Code scans, as well as payment page analytics.

Analysis & Reporting
Real time data

Driven by Dynamic QR Codes

With every page link comes a dynamic QR Code. Download it, print it, or share it socially.

And at any time, you can change the details of your page without changing your existing QR Code.

Your customers just need to scan your QR Code, pick their payment method, and you get paid!


Flexible Payment Options

Collect payments via bank account or credit and debit cards. Even Apple and Google Pay!

You can even set up fixed one time payments or enable recurring payments for your customers.


Custom Payment Pages

Add your images and text and we will take care of the rest to create a stunning page for your products, invoices, or donations.

You can share a QR Code or a custom link via email, social media, or print.

Payments as a Service

Built for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs alike.

Big or small, we have a plan to help you collect payments easily



Per Month

Perfect for the artist, musician, or individual who justs need to collect a payment on a single product.

Custom Payment Page
1 Dynamic QR Code
PCI Compliance with Stripe Integration
.75% Transaction Fee*


Per Month

Looking to sell a couple more products? Then our business plan is just right.

Up to 3 Product Pages
3 Dynamic QR Codes
PCI Compliance with Stripe Integration
.75% Transaction Fee*


Per Month


For the first 12 months

Sell unlimited products, collect on events, or bill your customers each month. 

Unlimited Product Pages
Unlimited Dynamic QR Codes
Collect Fixed or Recurring Payments
PCI Compliance with Stripe Integration
.5% Transaction Fee*

* In addition to Stripe Fees

Free Pro Plan during Beta

We're getting ready to launch!

Join our beta program today and get rewarded with a PRO account for FREE for the first 12 months when we launch.

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